Just Make A Decision!

There’s one thing that sets great business owners apart from the also rans.

The ability to make decisions and make them fast.

Because life as a business owner, means life as a decision maker. You’re always getting called on to make decisions.

On strategy….

On sales…..

On spending….

On staff…….

But decisions are scary! What if you get it wrong?

Of course you’ll get it wrong. Sometimes. That’s nothing to be scared of.

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. ~ Maimonides ~

Remember, every wrong decision means you’re closer to a right one.

And just like anything else, you’ll get better with practice. The more decisions you make, the better they’ll become.

So what kills decision making?


Because what do you do, when you’re not prepared to make a decision?

You put it off.

The time’s not right…..

It can wait until tomorrow…..

We’re not ready yet…..

We’ll have a think about it…..

A decision not to make a decision, is not a decision.

There’s three basic choices you have in any situation.

  1. Decide yes
  2. Decide no
  3. Decide not to decide, yet

Any decision, even the wrong decision, is better than no decision. ~ Ben Horowitz ~

A conscious decision to delay making a decision is OK, sometimes. If you don’t have all the facts, or there’s a concrete reason why you should not make a decision, that’s fine. But don’t push it out into the never-never.

Ever been in a meeting that goes like this?

  1. Spend 45 minutes debating the merits of doing xyz
  2. Walk out of meeting to the words “Let’s think about it a bit further and discuss later”
  3. Three months later, nothing has happened

Don’t let that be your business in 2018!

Refuse to leave the meeting until a decision has been made.

Make this year the year of decisions. Make some mistakes. Learn from them. Get better at them. Progress, not perfection.

Because 2018 is well underway. January is almost gone.

Make decisions. Make progress.