Business Structures

Whether you’re looking at establishing a new business or restructuring an existing one, getting your business structure right is critical. There are many factors that contribute to the financial success of your business, and one of those is the type of business structure you choose.

Having the right structure can also help to protect you from potential future disaster, so it is imperative that you get it right from the start.

Don't Risk It

It’s not worth risking a business structure that is unsuitable for your needs.

The type of structure your business needs depends on many factors. The type of business you have, the industry you operate in, how you plan to develop your business over the long term and your exit strategy.

The business structure chosen can determine how much tax you pay, what you can do with your profits and even your personal risk and liability. Each structure has associated advantages and disadvantages and sometimes you may need a more complex hybrid structure to address all objectives and concerns.

It is important to assess all the requirements of your circumstances when deciding on your business structure. Unfortunately, too many business owners don’t get the advice they need when setting up their business structure. The result of this can vary from paying too much tax, to not being adequately protected from risk and litigation.

Speak to one of our experts to ensure you don’t get caught with an inefficient or unsafe business structure.

What Can the Right Structure Do For Me?

The right structure for your business MUST allow you to do two things at the very least. Firstly, distribute profits in a tax effective way and secondly, protect your assets. If these two basic principles are adhered to, your business structure is most of the way there.

In addition, there are some additional features that make a structure work really well.

One of these is to allow for changes to equity holdings within the business. This is required when bringing new investors or additional family members into the business and can also be very beneficial for exit planning.

For businesses operating in industries with a high level of risk, the right structure will be one where the operations (risk) of the business is separated from the assets.

Here at Quantum, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners structure their affairs in a way that works best for them. Get in touch and we’ll help you too.

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